Williams Wabler 4"

SKU: 106721
The Williams Wabler is the lure that founded the fishing tackle division of the Williams Company over 90 years ago. Originally popular as a lake trout spoon, the WABLER has proven itself on a multitude of species. The Wabler, as are all Williams lures, is stamped from premium polished brass. A multi-step plating operation then applies the genuine silver and/or 24k gold finishes Williams lures are renown for. These are not standard silver and gold finishes either. The final step in the Williams plating process incorporates a further plated “electroclear” outer coat which is then baked on. This process does not dull the finish as a laquer would. It does render Williams silver and half & half finishes saltwater resistant and basically tarnish proof. The Wabler is a versatile spoon which works equally well at a wide range of speeds due to its stabilizing ridge and shape. The ridge which has become a trademark of Williams lures prevents the Wabler from rotating without changing the proven shape and action of the lure. This ridge works so well, Williams was awarded a US and Canadian patent for it. One of the few patents ever awarded a spoon. Time tested and proven, a true Canadian classic with world wide recognition.
4" 1oz