Thorne Bros. Custom Ice Rod - Build Your Own!
Thorne Bros. Custom Ice Rod - Build Your Own! (7387859393)
Thorne Bros. Custom Ice Rod - Build Your Own! (7387859393)
Thorne Bros. Custom Ice Rod - Build Your Own! (7387859393)
Thorne Bros. Custom Ice Rod - Build Your Own! (7387859393)

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Thorne Bros. Custom Ice Rod - Build Your Own!

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Pickup available at Thorne Bros - 10091 Central Ave. - PH# 763.572.3782 Usually ready in 24 hours

Thorne Bros. Custom Ice Rod - Build Your Own!

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Thorne Bros - 10091 Central Ave. - PH# 763.572.3782

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

10091 Central Ave NE
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Welcome to the world of Thorne Brothers Custom Ice Rods. This page is intended for the angler who is looking for a complete customized ice rod to match their exact need. Choose your rod length, guide set, handle type, favorite color wraps and add your name or nickname to the rod. The options are endless and we pride ourselves in knowing that you'll receive a rod that is designed specifically for you and performs the way you want it to. Descriptions and images of the above options can be found below. If you don't see exactly what you want please give us a call at 763-572-3782 or shoot us an email at If you can dream it, we can build it! Our build time for a Thorne Brothers Custom Rod is 2-3 weeks.

Handle Options:

4" Finesse:

Great for most panfish applications. The smaller profile seems most fitting for shorter rods, but it's not uncommon to find anglers putting these on rods as long as 32" as well. Very lightweight and a popular option for those anglers looking to fish in tight quarters.

5" Sweetheart:

Our stock-standard panfish handle. This handle offers a lot of versatility and can be used on just about every blank we offer. Both lightweight and effective, this handle works great for both finesse and run-and-gun applications. A go-to for most anglers looking to have a custom rod built.

6" Tennessee:

Our stock-standard walleye handle, also a great option for most panfish, perch and walleye outside rods. Measuring 7/8" in diameter at the center of the handle then slightly tapering off on both ends. Another versatile option that will work with most of the blanks we offer.

8" Tennessee:

Very similar handle option as the 6" Tennessee but with 2" added. Great for longer outside perch and walleye rods, as well as shorter Professional rods and Dead Sticks. Very common to see this handle used for anglers looking to have rods built for rod holder applications.

11" Tennessee:

Our stock-standard handle(s) for most Professional rods. Measuring nearly 1" in diameter at the center of the handle then slightly tapering off on both ends. This handle provides a lot of leverage when fighting larger fish and is great for most applications pertaining to lake trout, pike and other larger gamefish.

7" Fly Reel:

Our go-to ice fishing option that caters directly to those using fly reels. Offering a thinner diameter back-end allowing you to attach your favorite fly reel and a larger diameter front-end giving you comfort and versatility when using a fly reel while ice fishing. This handle has become a very popular option for panfish anglers and those looking to target fish in shallower water when line-twist becomes critical.

6" Stealth (Syncork):

Featuring a 6" Syncork contoured handle with a recess for your reel foot that is not only comfortable but also 30% lighter than cork. Equipped with a black outside Recoil guide set wrapped in all black. The Quiverstick Stealth is the lightest most sensitive panfish rod available.

Spinning Reel Seat:

An old standby style handle. Particularly popular with larger fish applications, however it can be used on all blank options for those who prefer a reel seat mechanism. Built around a size 16 Fuji spinning reel seat.

Hidden Hood:

This is a great option for the cold weather angler who prefers a comfort-fitting reel seat. The top hood is encased in cork (to keep your hand off of metal components) while the rear nut holds reel in place. A versatile option that will work with all the blanks we offer.

Locking Tennessee:

A truly custom handle that offers the ability to lock a reel in place yet leaves no components exposed. No more taping if you want you want the full-cork, comfort grip feel. Each handle is lathed out of premium individual cork rings giving you the highest quality of craftsmanship and components. Another option that is available on all of our ice blank options. (Above picture has the handle in an open position to show how the reel attaches. There will not be a gap once the reel is attached to the handle)

Baitcasting Reel Seat:

For the angler who prefers using a baitcasting reel while ice fishing. Most popular on our Professional series rods and when targeting larger gamefish. Built around a size 16 Fuji trigger seat.

 Winn Grips:

NEW!! An awesome new option, the ever popular WINN golf grips have come to the fishing world. Available in either 4.5" or 7" these handles are both light and extremely "grippy." Add in outstanding durability and a stylish look and you will see why these handles are starting to take over the ice fishing world. 

7" Full Wells Handle:

Popular for YEARS in fly-fishing and now available for the first time on our custom ice rods!


Guide Options:

 Standard Fuji Inside - Standard guide set for most inside rods (other than the Dead Stick and Professional series) but can be used for some outside applications as well. On some options like the Power Noodle, this guide set can get rather small towards the tip of the rod, causing a better chance of freeze-up. However, inside a shelter this guide set will offer a lighter, more sensitive option.

 Outside Fuji - Standard guide set for most outside rods (other than Dead Stick and Professional series). This guide option has larger diameter guides than your Inside Standard Fuji which helps reduce freeze-up. A great all-purpose guide for the angler who is spending a lot of time out on the open ice but also plans on sitting inside a shelter from time to time too.

Standard REC Recoil - Guide set that comes standard on the 26" Quiverstick. This guide set comes with a Fuji tip-top that can be used with Thorne Bros springs. A very lightweight option for a variety of conditions, but best suited for inside a shelter.

Outside/Stealth REC Recoil - This guide set uses oversized REC Recoil guides and the tip is a wrapped on REC Recoil guide with a larger diameter than the standard inside option to help reduce freeze up. The lightest outside guide set we offer. Only difference between the Outside REC guide set and the Stealth REC guide set is that the Stealth set is all black in color whereas the Outside set is a metallic silver color. This style guide set comes standard on a Quiverstick XL and Outside Power Noodle.

Outside Fuji Standard - The guide set offers over-sized Fuji guides ideal for outside conditions, no matter the temperature. This guide set comes standard on the Dead Stick and Professional series rods.  

The Thorne Bros. Tripwire system is truly revolutionary. It starts with a Titanium wire that  is wrapped and epoxied onto the rod (which in essence becomes a part of the rod) and the wire is tipped with an over-sized Titanium REC Recoil spring guide and a hi-vis bead. Your line goes through the guides of the rod and then through the guide on the Titanium wire. There is minimal freeze-up with this system and you have literally no extra weight due to the spring bobber's construction being titanium. If you’re looking for the ultimate in finesse fishing, no matter the weather conditions, the Tripwire from Thorne Brothers is a perfect fit. The Tripwire is 3 inches long and will be added to the end of your rod. So if you request a 22" rod, with the tripwire it will be 25". This system can be added to any Thorne Bros. Custom rod option! The Tripwire Light is the ultimate in finesse fishing, no matter the weather conditions, ideal for panfish sized jigs. 1mm-3mm Tungsten Jigs. The Tripwire Medium Light  If you’re looking for the ultimate in basin fishing, no matter the weather conditions, the medium light is ideal. It shines for both panfish and perch applications when looking to use slightly larger panfish presentations and smaller spoons for enticing fish! 4mm-5mm Tungsten Jigs and up to 1/16 ounce spoons/lead heads. The Tripwire Medium is a great option for hole hopping walleyes in harsh conditions or when fish are extremely finicky and you need a strike indicator. This rod is also great for Lake Trout and Catfish through the ice, any situation that calls for slightly bigger baits! 6mm tungsten's and up to 1/8 ounce spoons/lead heads.


Guide Wrap Options:

Thorne Brothers Custom Rods DO Not qualify for the $99 Free Shipping Promotion due to the extra insurance and packing that goes into these hand built, American Made, custom fishing rods. There will be a shipping rate associated with this item.