Wapsi Sow-Scud

SKU: 55491
Wapsi’s Sow Scud Back is a dyed, translucent, highly elastic material that is ideal for use on nymphs, scuds, sowbugs, crawfish, caddis, and midge patterns. Sow Scud Back can be used as a wing case, segmented abdomen or wrapped fully over the body of the fly. It is an essential material for tying Czech style nymphs.
Due to the overwhelming demand to add a small size we are pleased to announce the introduction of our 5/64″ (2mm) size. This size is perfect for tying size 16 – 24 flies and makes some of the most incredible midge patterns you have ever seen.
If you tie a lot of small flies then we believe you will find this a welcome addition to your collection of fly tying materials.