Venom Inferno Spoon


SKU: 138170


The Venom INFERNO Tungsten Spoonsglow like nothing else available on the market. The PATENT PENDING design features a Tungsten frame, internal rattle ball, and two sides of our INFERNO Glow Technology material. Unlike paint, this over molded material allows for the addition of significantly  more glow.
While the longest burning green and blue glow-in-the-dark paints or decals last about 2-3 minutes, the INFERNO Spoons will last10 plus times as long
  GREEN: 30-45 minutes
  BLUE: 30-45 minutes
  RED: 6-10 minutes
The over-molded material is extremely durable - no need to worry about chipping paint because there is no paint.
INFERNO Minnows have a custom designed Mustad black nickel hook with a large, wide open eyelet.