Venom Inferno Flutter Spoon

SKU: 152738
100% Made in USA, the Patent-Pending Venom 221 Rattling Flutter Spoons are the most advanced flutter spoons ever designed. Two line attachment locations create two unique actions in the water, allowing the angler to adapt to lethargic fish or a more active bite.
The INFERNO Hyper-Glow leaflets provide reusable, long lasting glow that the competition cannot match. The lightweight frame allows for life-like fluttering action and the Venom METALLICS Coatings give maximum reflection of natural light. All models contain a metal internal rattle.


  • (UV Light recommended for all colors)
    Green       30-45 minutes
    Blue         30-45 minutes
    Red          6-10 minutes
    Orange    10-15 minutes
    White       30-45 minutes (Must use UV Light)