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Thill Crappie Cork Bobbers


Thill Crappie Cork Bobbers

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SKU: 101334


The Thill Crappie Cork is a slip float built for speed, convenience and versatility. It’s the most complete crappie cork ever made, but it catches walleyes and other game fish, too! There’s no need for beads and bobber stops because the Crappie Cork comes with the bobber stop already on the cork, and the special small-diameter insert at the top stem makes beads unnecessary. For versatility, the Crappie Cork also features a traditional spring at the bottom stem for fixed-float rigging. Multiple sizes are available, all in high-visibility colors.
·      Ideal weight printed on float
·      Built with bobber stop on the stem
·      Can be used as slip or fixed float
·      Made in USA