Suick Magnum Weighted Thriller 12"


SKU: 68929

For over half a century, the legendary Suick name has meant one thing to muskie fisherman - SUCCESS! The record set by Frank Suick of 30 legal muskies in 30 days is still unequaled. Today, the Suick tradition continues with an expanded and explosive color selection in four sizes (in both weighted and non-weighted models) and the addition of the Cisco Kid and Muskie Mojo tackle companies. Between all of these classic lures, you'll find a perfect lure for muskies, northern pike, largemouth bass, walleye and more!
Suick 12" Magnum Non-Weighted & Weighted Thriller. This massive 12" jerk bait reaches the market with one goal in mind--trophy muskies & pike. Available in eight colors in both non-weighted and weighted versions. This is the biggest, baddest Suick and it is set to rule your local waters!
Number of Hooks & Replacement Size (3) 5/0 Treble
Length: 12"
Weight: 3.2 oz & 4oz
Construction: Wood