Slammer 8" Minnow

SKU: 171615
If trophy fish are what you are looking for, then the 8 inch Slammer should be your first choice! Dives 6 to 8 feet when cast or will troll down to 15 feet. Like all Slammer crankbaits, it's thru-wire construction and unbreakable Lexan diving lip will hold up to even the most viscious muskies. It's fitted with three tangle-free 2X strong hooks for high-percentage hooking power and you'll never have to worry about the hooks catching each other and wasting a cast!
8" 2.6oz
Trolled at 3mph on 30# mono or 50# superbraid, the 8" Minnow runs 10' deep with 60' of line out, 15' deep with 125' of line out