Slammer 6" Minnow

SKU: 9522903
An all-around favorite size minnowbait in the Slammer line up. Perfect for spring and fall twitching! When casting it runs down 2 to 3 feet with a super violent wobble that puts out tons of flash and vibration. Because of it’s tapered ends, when it is twitched, it darts left and right like a glidebait. When trolling it tracks true to 4 mph and runs down 6 to 8 feet. Perfect for holding tight to a weedline or out over the flats! Not to big of a bait when you need to down size a bit and not to small when your looking for the big stuff!
7" 1.5oz
Trolled at 3mph on 30# mono or 50# superbraid, the 7" Minnow runs 8' deep with 125' of line out