Kenders K-Rip Rattle Jigs

SKU: 161091
The all-new Kenders K-Rip is a rattling crankbait designed specifically for vertical fishing presentations. The top-end line tie and balanced body design allow the Kenders Outdoors K-Rip to dance and vibrate in a way that just triggers bites. Built with a single but deadly hook this mini-vibe bait is the go-to whenever targeting dirty water fish. A second inline hook is added to each pack in case you need to switch out terminal options.
  • Equipped with Rattle Beads
  • Fish with live bait or plastics
  • Can be fished aggressive or finessed
  • Realistic eyes
  • Includes Treble hook and single inline hook options (2 hooks included)
  • 15mm (1/2in) | 1/64th oz | #16 Hook
  • 19mm (3/4in) | 1/32nd oz | #14 Hook
  • 25mm (1in) | 1/16th oz | #12 Hook