CPT Frost Braid (50 yards)

SKU: 144791
Welcome to the evolution of fishing line. Clam Pro Tackle is excited to announce a revolutionary new line — Frost Ice Premium Braided Fishing Line designed for ice anglers by Sun Line Co. This professional class of braided line is highly abrasion resistant and contains virtually no stretch for better bite detection and a stronger hook set. Japanese-made to the strictest of tolerances, Frost Ice Premium Fishing Line uses the highest quality raw materials available with minimum fraying or fading
  • Four- strand braid with an extremely tight weave
  • Virtually no stretch
  • High Abrasion resistance
  • Keeps a round shape
  • Minimal fraying or color fading
  • IGFA compatible pound test rating
  • Half-spool mark
  • Available in two colors: 
    ○ Smoke 
    ○ Hi-Vis Yellow
  • Each color available in 4, 6, 8, 10, and 15 pound test