Chaos Monster Medusa

SKU: 131780

The very first cast you make with the Medusa, you will  instantly realize it’s the most exciting, life like, and explosive looking swimbait.  Those were the exact words spoken to Chaos Tackle by some of the top musky anglers when they first saw the Medusa in action.  Designed with three incredibly lively tails to help bring this dynamically balanced swimbait to life.  You can jerk, rip, troll, slow roll, or just cast it out and retrieve it.  There is no wrong way to reel in a Medusa.  Just having a Medusa on the end of your line increases your chances!  So the next time you are on the water, go ahead and start a  little Chaos of your own.  Clip on a Medusa, cast it out and hang on tight.  It won’t be long before all Chaos Breaks Loose!!! 
17" 15.2oz - Monster