Thorne Brothers Custom Ice Rod - Tripwire Options

SKU: 99684
The Tripwire series of rods is the crown jewel of the spring bobber/indicator rods on the market today. They are constructed with either Outside Titanium REC Recoil Guides, or Outside Fuji guides, and a 3-inch Titanium wire to the end of it (The length of the rods above is including this 3-inch addition, so the actual rod blank is 3-inch's shorter then what they are listed at, ie a 26" rod has a 23" blank plus the 3" titanium spring making it 26" overall). The Titanium wire is wrapped and epoxied onto the rod (which in essence becomes a part of the rod) and the wire is tipped with an over-sized Titanium REC Recoil spring guide and a hi-vis bead. Your line goes through the guides of the rod and then through the guide on the Titanium wire. There is minimal freeze-up with this system and you have literally no extra weight due to the spring bobber. If you’re looking for the ultimate in finesse fishing, no matter the weather conditions, then the new Tripwire from Thorne Brothers is a perfect fit. Available in tons of different handle and guide options; and remember, if you don't see exactly what you're looking for you can always build your own Thorne Bros. Custom Rod!
Light Tripwire: We take the ever popular Panfish Sweetheart blank and add the light action tripwire. Great for light panfish jigs and tungsten jigs up to 1mm-3mm tungsten.
Medium Light Tripwire: We take the ever popular Panfish Sweetheart blank and add the medium light tripwire. Great for medium to large size panfish jigs, 4-5 MM tungsten, and small spoons/jigging rap style baits up to 1/16 ounce.
Flirt Medium Tripwire: We take the ever popular Panfish Sweetheart blank and add a medium tripwire to it. Great for those light bite situations where a spring bobber/indicator is needed for finicky walleyes or other species eating bigger ice jigs/lures. Handles 6MM Tungsten and up too 1/8 ounce spoons, jigs, jigging rap style baits, blade baits, and rattling baits.
Sniffer Light: Same light tripwire spring but made with the lighter Quiverstick blank. For those loking for even more of a finesse style presentation. Great for fishing tungsten jigs up to 3MM and other light panfish and trout applications. 
Sniffer ML: A medium light trip wire spring  placed on the Quiverstick blank. Made specifically for finesse fishing big panfish and perch in deep water with today's heavy 4-5MM tungsten jigs and 1/16 ounce spoons. Works great for all finesse situations which require a slightly bigger jig!
Stealth Upgrade options are available on Thorne Bros Tripwire rods. Featuring a 6" Syncork contoured handle with a recess for your reel foot that is not only comfortable but also 30% lighter than cork. They come equipped with a black outside Recoil guide set wrapped in all black. Select from the drop down above!


Thorne Brothers Custom Rods DO Not qualify for the $99 Free Shipping Promotion due to the extra insurance and packing that goes into these hand built, American Made, custom fishing rods. There will be a shipping rate associated with this item.