Supernatural Mattlock-12"

SKU: 142090
The Supernatural 12" Mattlock is primarily a trolling bait, however there is a cult like following of anglers who has had great success twitching these baits. Simply amazing action--tight body roll/wiggle with an aggressive and erratic searching action that triggers strikes. The wider body was designed by renowned Professional Minnesota Musky Guide Matt Seifert and allows it to make the headlock style "wander" at slower speeds. It also has a slightly different action then the headlocks so now you can attack moody fish with different looking baits! We have had them to 8 mph with no blow out. Built for big fish--and big fish PROVEN!!!
  • 3 depth settings
  • 12" body length that is shaped like a whitefish
  • #6061 .125" aluminum lip
  • 7/0 Mustad Hooks
  • #5 Wolverine Super Split Rings on heavy duty stainless steel screw eyes turned for optimum hooking
  • 3D eyes
  • 4 layers of epoxy clear coats