Jackall Rhythm Wave

SKU: 162637
The Jackall Rhythm Wave Swimbait is perfect for triggering the right bite from the fish and catching it.It is constructed with perfectly balanced plastics and features a shad-like tail that creates a rhythmic kick. This swimbait will produce a metronome-like kicking action with a seductive wobble, even with a super-slow retrieval by the angler. The rhythmic wave generated by the swimbait offers versatility, performance, and quality at the same time. The Rhythm Wave Swimbait can be rigged weightless with a swim jig or a weighted hook. The swimbait features a slit on the top that ensures your hook point is hidden on any rig. It is a simple, yet incredibly effective and versatile swimbait that can be fished with your favorite technique!
  • Features a slit on the top that ensure the hook point is hidden
  • Shad-like tail produces rhythmic movements
  • Can be rigged weightless with a swim jig or weighted hook