Jackall Rerange 110 MR

SKU: 171286
Designed for an erratic yet surprisingly balanced action, the Jackall Rerange 110MR is the perfect lure for tempting bass in deep pockets or deep water! The Jackall Rerange is made with a TG Zero Friction weight transfer system, which helps create that perfect action but also helps to enhance your casting distance. The internal weights are coated with a fluororesin that allows them to shift smoothly. With a farther cast, you can get right to the bass in the deeper water and entice a quick strike! Available in a range of vivid colors, the Jackall Rerange 110MR will quickly become your go-to bass lure!

  • Suspending
  • TG Zero Friction weight transfer system
  • Tungsten weights coated with fluororesin
  • Shifts 20% of the lure's weight during cast for maximum distance
  • Flat sides create flashes while darting