Gapen 10" Big game float (8705543821)


Gapen 10" Big game float

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Gapen 10" Big game float

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There is no better float made anywhere in the world than these BIG GAME FLOATS. They are perfect for working giant catfish, trophy muskie, prize northern pike, walleye or striped bass. They contain the equivalent buoyancy given once to the 'old' 5" cork for wooden floats used on the nation's waters for working giant suckers and shad minnows on. The 12" model will hold up a one-pound live sucker and its equalizer sinker weight.

Constructed with South American balsa wood, a SPECIAL SLIP-N-LOCK line-attaching device, and a through-glass stem, Gapen's floats are the strongest, most sensitive balsa floats on the market today. This is Gapen's Hungarian import. We do so because they are the WORLD'S FINEST in quality and performance. Constructed of South American balsa wood, quality epoxy paint and finished with premium clear varnish. Slip-N-Lock fishing floats are fitted with newly-patented snaplock attach/release devices. Fluorescent red float tips, set high above float, create easy visual contact for the angler who works live bait such as chubs, fatheads, sucker minnows, shad, worms, crickets and dead bait, for species such as bluegill, crappie, bass, walleye, catfish and big game species.