Church Tackle Lock Jaw Clips (1295737389130)
Church Tackle Lock Jaw Clips (1295737389130)


Church Tackle Lock Jaw Clips

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You will enjoy the ease of use because the clip clamps down with a simple twist of the lever and only fine adjustments are needed for more or less clamping pressure. - The Lock-Jaw fits our Walleye Board, TX-22, and TX-44 planer boards, but it is also designed to fit other side planers, drop weights and many other applications. - Its pad holds great on mono, super braids, power pro, lead, wire or copper lines without damaging the line. - The Lock-Jaw clip is made in the USA of top quality material and workmanship. - This lightweight clip weighs a mere 13 grams and measures 2 1/2" long with a 3/4" wide gripping surface. - We designed The Lock-Jaw without a spring that could weaken or lose tension. - The pad is replaceable.