Ace Baits Monster Spinnerbait

SKU: 73448
"They must flat out catch fish" is what we hear over and over again when people talk about Ace Baits! Round rubber skirts with a twister tail teaser provide lots of movement and the Colorado/Willow combination is a proven combination of vibration, flash and the ability to handle speed. Speaking of speed, no need to worry about the bait breaking after a couple hours of trolling at 5mph+. The wrapped (not twisted) line tie acts like a spring to absorb the constant vibration and minimize the affects of metal fatigue that turns most spinnerbaits into just a jig! Made just a couple miles away from Thorne Bros--so they are definitely MADE IN AMERICA!!!
The name is right--not only is the bait a monster but it also calls the monsters in! It is 10-1/4" long plus has a 5" grub on the back. Unlike any other bait it is 7" tall, has a #7 Colorado and #8 Willow blade and built on .062 wire. MONSTER!!! 10-1/4" 4.2oz