Ace Baits Big Ace Spinnerbait

SKU: 29906
"They must flat out catch fish" is what we hear over and over again when people talk about Ace Baits! Round rubber skirts with a twister tail teaser provide lots of movement and the Colorado/Willow combination is a proven combination of vibration, flash and the ability to handle speed. Speaking of speed, no need to worry about the bait breaking after a couple hours of trolling at 5mph+. The wrapped (not twisted) line tie acts like a spring to absorb the constant vibration and minimize the affects of metal fatigue that turns most spinnerbaits into just a jig! Made just a couple miles away from Thorne Bros--so they are definitely MADE IN AMERICA!!!
The Big Tandem is the ticket for slow-rolling down weed edges or rock reefs and points, but nothing comes close to it when trolled in the 5mph to 9mph range. The weight is well suited for the size of the blades and minimizes the blades 'blowing out' yet keeps them skimming just under the surface. 8-1/2" 2.6oz