Water Gremlin Minnow Dipper

SKU: 146890
Catch more live bait than ever before with the Water Gremlin Minnow Dipper! This handy minnow dipper features a handle connected to a red plastic strainer, and is made from durable plastic. Simply hold the dipper into the stream, river, lake, or pond, and catch live bait to ensure your next big catch. Minnow dipper also has a loop in the handle so you can easily attach it to your fishing gear and take it on the go. Choose an easy to use and effective trap for live bait with the Water Gremlin Minnow Dipper.
  • Water Gremlin Minnow Dipper is a durable and easy to use trap for live bait
  • Red plastic design is durable, waterproof, and built to last
  • Handle allows you to easily dip into water and let minnows get trapped in strainer
  • Live bait attracts a reliable number of catches
  • Loop on handle for attaching to your fishing gear