Savage Gear Grip Treble Hooks

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Savage Gear Grip Treble Hooks

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Savage Gear Grip Treble Hooks

1 (4pk)

Thorne Bros - 10091 Central Ave. - PH# 763.572.3782

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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If there is one word fisherman hate to use or hear it’s “unbuttoned.” That’s because the definition describes a hooked fish finding its way to freedom by shaking loose. Fish most often come unbuttoned from treble hooks, but Savage Gear has drawn a line in the sand with its patent pending Savage Grip Treble — a hook designed to beat fish at their own game.

From crankbaits to jerkbaits, walkers to poppers, reaction style baits with dangling treble hooks can provide fish just enough movement and leverage to dislodge those points. This often occurs when a fish jumps or thrashes at boat side. But thanks to a creative problem-solving design, Savage Gear has significantly reduced the likelihood of losing fish to thrown treble hooks.

The key to this hook’s amazingly high success rate is found in the innovative eye. With traditional one-piece rigid hook designs, the intense pressure and erratic directional changes a fish imparts on a hook’s point naturally extends up the shank to the eye, which links the treble to its lure. In a nutshell, what happens on the hook is directly transferred to the lure.

Not so with the Savage Grip Treble. Traditional hook design finds the eye formed from a continuation of the actual hook material; but Savage Gear creates its durable and flexible eye from 120-pound braid linked to the hook with an epoxy coating. The result is a hook that spins freely on the lure to absorb all the fight a fish can muster.

“What’s more frustrating than putting in the work to find fish, selecting the right bait and making the right presentations to earn that big bite, only to lose the fish when it throws your bait?” said Savage Gear Product Designer, Jose Chavez. “We don’t like that any more than the next angler, so we’re thrilled to debut the Savage Grip Treble — a design that will literally revolutionize treble hook baits.”

Available in sizes 4, 2, 1 and 1/0, the Savage Grip Treble is made with a black nickel finish. This high-performance wide gap hook is a good choice for retrofitting any lure with treble hooks, while natural bait pursuits from muskie to snook will also benefit from its flexible design.

• Patent Pending Hook Eye Allows for Up to 4 Full Rotations of Hook Eye
• Less Fish Lost Because Fish Cannot Use Lure Leverage to Dislodge Hooks
• High Quality Black Nickel Finish
• High-Performance Hook Bend for Increased Holding Power