Raid Magnum 2 Way
Raid Magnum 2 Way
Raid Magnum 2 Way
Raid Magnum 2 Way
Raid Magnum 2 Way
Raid Magnum 2 Way

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Raid Magnum 2 Way

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Raid Magnum 2 Way

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As the name suggests, 2 Way is a soft bait that can be used in various ways according to the condition of the fish and the situation. As it was commonly called "site-only worm" from the development stage, it boasts an unparalleled catch power in site fishing.
The most orthodox usage is a short leader down shot with mass burrs on the center sphere as it is. By adding a slightly loose and large action with the image of moving the sinker up and down, the body bends in a "dogleg" shape and rolls to cause a multi-axis roll action. Because the leg follows, extremely complicated and strange actions occur.
In addition, the deep-groove ring-shaped ribs installed on the body greatly catch the water, realizing a braking feeling, water grip power, and water pushing that you cannot imagine for a small body size. The gap between the appearance and the wave motion opens the mouth of the fish, and at the same time, it brings a high sense of operation to the angler.
By rigging it with a jig head wacky, you can get a direct feeling and a good return, and at the same time you can use it around the cover.
As an alternative approach to fish that do not react easily, a nail rig with a trout burr set in a body cut in half is effective. It can also be used as a so-called sinking insect worm as the legs on the body side emit fine vibrations when falling.
In this way, 2WAY is a mysterious new genre of soft bait that has the ability to feed difficult fish with a variety of approaches.

Length: 4inch

5 per Pack