Muntz Add-On Weight Kits
Muntz Add-On Weight Kits


Muntz Add-On Weight Kits

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Size:1/2oz. Add-On Kit
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Muntz Add-On Weight Kits

1/2oz. Add-On Kit

Thorne Bros - 10091 Central Ave. - PH# 763.572.3782

Pickup currently unavailable

10091 Central Ave NE
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Weight Add-Ons give any lure added weight to achieve a variety of depths. These are now specifically designed to attach at two points below any Convertible Baitcast Fly. Use the large snap to attach the weight add-on just in front of the weed guards. Push the front eyelet of the add-on over the belly eyelet of the fly and attach the loose split ring. This way the fly sinks without diving nose first.

The 1/2 Ounce bullets are sized to pair with the Junior Sized Flies Only. Longer weights fit the standard size flies the best.

All weight add-ons pair well with bucktails and other lures out in front of the lure and the Crosslock Snap is removeable if desired.