Musky Mania Lil' Ernie

SKU: 16914
Designed for casting or trolling deep-water ledges and open water, the Li’l Ernie has been proven in both freshwater and saltwater applications. The Li’l Ernie dives 6 to 12 feet on the cast and up to 20 feet while trolling. The integrally molded dive lip is designed to hold up to continuous contact with rocky bottoms and the durable plastic ribbed construction holds up to the largest predatory fish. The high frequency tight wiggle mimics an escaping baitfish and allows it to be trolled at high speeds. Surprisingly easy to crank on deep retrievals. Huge figure eights with minimal rod movement trigger strikes at the boat even in high-pressure environments. Li’l Ernie should be standard issue in every angler’s arsenal.
6" 1-2/3oz