Clam Tackle Pouches

SKU: 127219

Wrap them around your Rod to Cover your jigs or spoons (Jig Wraps). You'll have less tangling with storage! Size A – Stores Components, Beads, Swivels, Tie knots, Split Shots and Small Jigs Size B – Stores Jigs, Small Spoons etc, Size C – Stores Large Spoons, Small Crank baits, Swimming jigs and Large Jigs. Protects Tackle from Chipping and Damage Clear thick Plastic for great visibility & durability. Store in Tackle Box, Jacket Pockets for easy Transport. Many other uses around home or shop for storage.

  • Size: A (3) per card. 2”length x 2” high
  • Size: B (3) per card. 2” length x 3” high
  • Size: C (3) per card. 2” length x 4” high
  • Color: Clear plastic with Velcro Closure and pull tabs