St. Croix Avid X - Casting

*Rods Shipped Outside of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, North & South Dakota, parts of Nebraska and Iowa that are over 8'0" in Length are subject to a higher shipping charge due to their length making them a Freight Item. You will be contacted with a quote if your rod falls into these parameters.*
St. Croix Rods may not be in stock, you will be contacted if the rod(s) you purchase is backordered.
Sinking into the deep vortex of fishing obsession can lead to some unexpected conclusions. Maybe you finally learn the black magic of carburetor adjustment on an outboard? Or rack up serious frequent flier miles? Or maybe just through the course of acquiring fishing gear, you accumulate a whole bunch? Save room for some Avid X rods – featuring classic SCIII graphite blanks with IPC® tooling technology, cork split-grip handles and Kigan’s advanced micro-guide platform that reduces weight while maintaining optimum line-flow efficiency. There’s room for one – or three – right there in that rod rack on the wall.