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Slammer 7" Deep Minnow

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The slender profile of the 7"Deep Minnow matches baitfish like perch, walleyes, suckers and ciscos. When trolling, it will reach speeds up to 10 mph and will reach depths of 20 foot. When casting the Slammer 7" Deep Minnow it will run in the 8 to 10 foot range with a super wide head-shake and tons of vibration that really kicks the loud, deep, single-knocker style of rattle around. The rattle is super load. It works great as a deep-running jerkbait along weed edges, over open water or along drop offs. With it’s large, round lip it deflects off or rocks for minimal hang-ups while cranking or trolling.
7" body--9" overall 2.6oz
Trolled at 3mph on 30# mono or 50# superbraid, the 7" Deep Minnow runs 12' deep with 45' of line out, 22' deep with 125' of line out