Slammer 4" Deep Shad

SKU: 171591
This little bait is deadly in so many ways! First, it is a killer bait on lakes that get tons of pressure or where the muskies are feeding on smaller bait like bluegills, perch, threadfin shad, etc. Second, this bait catches EVERYTHING!!! Bass, pike, walleyes, muskies--all have fallen victim to this not so silent little killer! It's loud, single knocker style of rattle seduces all gamefish from miles away. Speed is not an issue and it will track straight over 6mph and dive as deep as 20'. Lakes like Minnetonka, Pewaukee and Cave Run won't know what hit them!
4.25" body--6" overall 1.4oz
Trolled at 3mph on 30# mono or 50# superbraid, the 4" Deep Shad runs 11' deep with 60' of line out, 19' deep with 125' of line out