Shimano Sedona Ice Combo


Shimano Sedona Ice Combo

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Pairing a legendary reel with a next-level ice rod, the Shimano Sedona Ice Spinning Combo paves the way to great days on hard water.

The Shimano Sedona Spinning Reel is lighter, stronger, faster, and more durable than ever, as it now boasts cold-forged Hagane gears, a lighter G-Free body frame, and a featherweight Magnumlite rotor. Its Propulsion Line Management System ensures proper spooling in tough conditions; and you`ll like the feel and handling of its smooth 3+1 ball bearing system. Perfect for ice fishing!

A Shimano Sedona Ice Spinning Rod represents the next level in finely crafted ice rods, with superb sensitivity and precisely tuned actions for everything from panfish to pot-bellied walleye. Lighter rods have a mix of Zirconia ring guides and low-profile coil guides to keep weight to a minimum; heavier rods have all ring guides. All models feature contoured AA cork grips with either Tennessee-style handles or seamless carbon-ring reel seats.

  • Light, balanced G-Free body construction
  • Super-lightweight Magnumlite rotor
  • Cold-forged Hagane gears for ultimate durability
  • Propulsion Line Management System
  • Smooth 3+1 ball bearing system

  • Superb sensitivity with precisely tuned actions
  • Lighter actions feature a mix of Zirconia ring guides and coil guides
  • Heavier actions have all Zirconia ring guides
  • Contoured AA cork grips
  • Seamless carbon-ring reel seat on some models