Sebile Puncher

SKU: 148797
When you’re dealing with finicky, highly pressured fish, the Sebile Puncher Jerkbait delivers a subtle presentation that will help entice even the most wary bass into striking. Featuring a classic round bill design, which allows the Puncher Jerkbait to erratically dart and dive through the water column, it is also balanced to perfectly suspend when paused, daring fish to commit. The Puncher Jerkbait is also designed to be silent for a more subtle presentation, made to entice bites from highly pressured fish.
Featuring two razor-sharp treble hooks, the belly hook of the Puncher Jerkbait has the ability to rotate 360-degrees, which prevents fish from gaining leverage and throwing the bait. Available in a range of realistic baitfish patterns, the Sebile Puncher Jerkbait is tool of choice for those times when the fishing gets tough.