Savage Gear 4D SplitFin PulseTail

SKU: 158731
You've never seen anything like this before! Perfect for swimbait fanatics, the Savage Gear 4D Splitfin Pulse-Tail Trout has an ultra-realistic body profile based upon a scan of a real trout. Its unique wedge tail design features cleavage on each side to produce a unique vortex while swimming naturally. You won't believe your eyes when you see this trout swimming on the retrieve. The line-through trout moves through the water with ease, delivering a subtle, tight-kicking action at any speed. Infused with a strike triggering scent, you can hunt the biggest bass, pike and musky! This lure has real attitude - from its photo chrome skin print to its incredibly lifelike tail, it will be hard for predator fish to resist an attack on the Savage Gear 4D Splitfin Pulse-Tail Trout.
  • Ultra realistic body profile and colors
  • Strike triggering scent
  • Rattle or scent slot in tail
  • Line through design, back or belly hook rigging option
  • Tight kicking action
  • Slow sinking
  • Qty. per Pack: 1