Salmo Rail Shad

SKU: 161519
    No fish under the ice or in open water has ever seen a lure with the action of the Salmo Rail Shad. An industry first, it's a vertical wobbler with a unique attachment: a sliding head rail, which functions as a variable free-running attachment point that allows the lure to plummet into the strike zone, settle into a level horizontal position and dance with nose up or down, according to your rod-tip movements. Its small polycarbonate lip gives the Rail Shad a pronounced wobble and helps kick it outward on the lift – the more aggressively you work this bait, the wider it travels. With its unique action and vibration, the Rail Shad is ideal for both ice fishing and casting in open water.


    • Designed primarily for vertical fishing
    • Unique design ensures lure descends quickly tail first, but quickly adjusts to fish in horizontal position
    • Lure also works very effectively when cast and worked back towards the bank
    • Features a tail hook feather for extra attraction
    • 5cm in length and 14g in weight