Phantom 7.5"

SKU: 3026
Phantom Lures are made from solid, high impact plastic specifically chosen for its wood like characteristics. Every bait is individually weighted for top performance. Then they are hand painted, given 3-D eyes. and finished with a quality high gloss epoxy finish. All baits are constructed with durable stainless steel hardware.

The Phantom is considered to be the easiest jerk bait for experienced anglers and beginners to fish with. It’s always first out the box when teaching someone how to fish jerk baits.

The easy, wide side to side "walk the dog action” plus the slight rolling of the bait at the end of each glide produces an incredible action and belly flash. The belly flash is a real trigger for getting muskies to take the lure. The Phantom can be worked fast or slow. When trolling, it presents a lazy "S” shaped action in the water.

Phantom Standard – The Phantom is a slow sinking glide/jerk bait that sinks at about a foot a second that can be counted down to the desire depth. It is a perfectly balanced lure that flutters during the fall and belly flashes when retrieved, inducing violent strikes. It is effective in a figure 8 and can be simply retrieved and/or trolled with very nice erratic side to side action. Hard baits offer better hook sets over softbaits.

7-1/2" 4.2oz