Northland UV Puppet Minnow


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    • New for 2016, the company offers an optically brightened UV Puppet Minnow® version of the fish-catching, horizontally balanced swimming lure.
      “The Puppet Minnow® is a year-round producer for a wide variety of predators including bull bluegills, crappies, perch, pike and walleyes,” says Team Northland® ace and puppet master Gary Roach. “The addition of sunlight-reflecting UV coatings makes it even deadlier whenever light penetration is compromised.”
      Redesigned in 2015 to boost hookups and trigger more strikes, the Puppet Minnow® is perfect for casting and vertical jigging. Its hydrodynamic “air-plane” torso and proprietary tail fin allow it to dart erratically and fly in a semi-circle when ripped, pumped and dropped in freefall mode
      The UV Puppet Minnow® also features Glowing Red 3D UV eyes, along with single hooks fore and aft, plus a wickedly sticky, free-swinging belly treble. It excels flying solo or tipped with a Northland IMPULSE® Perch Eye or Minnow Head.

      “Optically brightening the UV Puppet Minnow® adds even more visual attraction in stained water, deep water and in other low-light conditions,” Roach explains. “Helping fish detect and home in on your lure for more action on every trip.”