Northland Buckshot Flutter Spoon


SKU: 127642

Northland® Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon
    • Strike-inducing flash and sound
    • Lead-free S-curve design
    • Glass rattle produces high-pitched sounds
    • Dual split rings improve action and hooksets
Induce strikes with the maximum flash and sound produced by Northland's Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon. Lead-free molded Z-Alloy spoons have an S-curve design that creates irresistible flashes. Glass rattle produces high-pitched sounds and vibrations that catches the attention of distant fish. Dual split rings improve the action and solid hooksets. Per each.
Sizes: 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz.
Colors: (004)Purple Passion, (011)Silver Shiner, (020)Glo-Perch, (023)Golden Perch, (026)Pink Tiger, (046)Purple Tiger, (060)Electric Perch, (093)Super-Glo Redfish.