Musky Innovations Joe-Mo Joe

SKU: 137938
IT'S BACK!!! The MoJoe was created in the 1980’s by Joe Borgwart, an innovative musky angler that was way before his time. After being out of production for a few years they are back an better then ever. Musky Innovations is the right company to take control of these awesome baits. They have and are using the original molds, but have redesigned the internal harness to upgrade it with today’s materials and have added some great colors.
Over the years, the MoJoe had been responsible for many trophy fish on some of the most pressured waters in musky country.   MoJoes can be used as a pull pause bait and a jigging bait.  Try imparting the action with the reel instead of the rod.  Make short burst of speed to make the Mo Joe “jump” and belly flash then allowing it to go back to true. Fish often inhale the MoJoe telling you they think it is real.