Musky Innovations Bull Dawg-Magnum

Musky Innovations

SKU: 139428

Super Magnum Bull Dawg - AKA "The Pounder". This is possibly the the best big musky lure ever! Not just a late fall lure. This big bait catches fish from opener until freeze-up in any type of water a musky calls home. Don't let it's size fool you! A musky does not have to be 40lbs to eat this lure. Super Mag Dawgs catch any size musky--and any where! These are the one of the deepest running of all the Dawgs and fall at a rate of a foot a second. The Pounder also has the best rocking action on the pause of all the Dawgs! The large profile of this lure makes it a favorite among night fisherman. Solid wire internal frame allows you to 'tune' the Dawg to run straight, left, right, shallower, mid-depth or deeper.
15" 16oz