Missile Baby D Bomb (7pk)

SKU: 117274
The Missile Baits® D Bomb® is a bulky creature bait with a unique ribbed body that displaces a lot of water and has a straight fall. This makes it ideal for flipping and pitching. The tails sail on the fall, or flap wildly when moved rapidly. The body is thinner where the hook emerges, for easy hooksets; however, the head is solid and thicker, so the lure stays on the hook in heavy cover.
The Baby D Bomb has a smaller yet bulky profile to flip and pitch, but it also has finesse applications. For Texas rigging, it accommodates a 3/0 flipping hook, and can be rigged on a shaky head or Dropshot. Made in USA.



  •  Bulky creature bait
  •  Ribbed body
  •  Thick, solid head