Marcum Showdown Troller Performance Pack


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Instantly convert your handheld ShowDown Troller into a lure-reading, fin-finding “miracle on ice.” Slide and snap the Troller neatly into place in the Performance Pack power cradle. Plug it in, and instantly convert from portable AA batteries to super-juiced 12-volt power. The Performance Pack features a Troller quick-slide cradle and a Velcro-enclosed neoprene softcase. The ShowDown Troller isn’t just for running and gunning on ice—add the Performance Pack and you’ll experience Troller’s full fish-finding potential. (12-volt battery not included)


  • Neoprene Soft Pack
  • 12-volt Wiring Harness for use with 12-volt Rechargeable Battery
  • 12-volt, 3-stage Auto Battery Charger
  • 12-volt Battery Shuttle
  • Quick-Connect Gimbal and slide-on bracket for Ice-Troller Unit
  • Adjustable Transducer Arm
  • Transducer Stop