Lucky John Mebaru

SKU: 159393
MEBARU is a new balancer especially designed for angling of predatory fish from the ice or vertically from a boat. The lure has sufficient weight; therefore, it is effective for angling of fish at great depths, on rivers with low current or from a drifting boat. It ensures accurate and stable play at any depth. When angling with this lure, the technique used is similar to the one used when angling with balancers or spoon-baits. It is recommended to take a pause of one or more seconds between the drops of the lure, depending on the activity of predatory fish. The structure is a single cast made from frost-resistant ABS Plastic. A long tail is highly durable and ensures precise turns of the lure in the extreme points of the trajectory of its movement. During the pause, the lure returns to its initial point always head first, which does not alarm the predatory fish, but rather attracts it even more. Its spinal fin made of brass has three holes. The play of the MEBARU lure will differ depending on the hole to which the fastener is attached.