Lindy Glow Streak

SKU: 161537
The Lindy Glow Streak is a revolutionary rippin’ style lure which is equally effective through an ice hole or cast into open water. The Glow Streak has a built-in slot for insertion of a light stick that illuminates the lure in the 12 available color patterns making the lure easy for gamefish of all species to find. The Glow Streak is designed in two sizes, a 2-inch, ½-oz. version and a 2.5-inch, 5/8-oz. bigger brother. Both sizes swim like a vulnerable minnow when ripped and return to center on the drop making it equally effective when vertically jigged or cast to waiting walleyes. Each Glow Streak comes with a light stick removal tool and three light sticks that will last for 6-8 hours.
  • The look and action of a jiggin' or rippin' minnow
  • Built-in rattle
  • Designed to hold a luminous light stick (included)
  • Maximum attraction in dark water conditions
  • Comes with 3 replaceable glow sticks and removal tool
  • Premium belly treble and single wide gap tail hook
  • Great for ice fishing or open water vertical jigging