Lakemaster Autochart


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Humminbird LakeMaster AutoChart PRO PC Software with Zero Line SD Card. Create your own custom maps for use in your Humminbird fish finder! Imagine having custom maps of your favorite fishing hot spots, that are incredibly detailed AND accurate. It's as simple as using the AutoChart Pro PC software and Zero Line SD card. Load the Zero Line SD card into your Humminbird fish finder. Using the fish finder's sonar returns and GPS, it builds accurate and detailed charts of your fishing hot spot. Load the data into the AutoChart Pro PC Software, and the program automatically converts your data into a lake map. No subscription fees or hidden fees. And no need to submit your data and wait weeks for a finished map. Lastly, transfer your custom map back onto the Zero Line SD card, and it's ready to display on your Humminbird fish finder. And, the best part... when you combine your map with a MinnKota I-Pilot Link System and trolling motor, you can program your trolling motor to follow a path directly on (or offset from) any contour line, and it will automatically navigate. So it does the "driving," and you focus on fishing like never before! Features: Create custom maps with the Zero Line SD card, AutoChart Pro Software, and your Humminbird fish finder; Maps show depth highlight, water level offset, shallow water highlight data; Side imaging mosaic allows you to overlay your side imaging returns onto your map for a 3D visualization; Bottom hardness indication delivers a crucial tip-off to where fish are hiding; Use "Follow the Contour" mode with your MinnKota I-Pilot Link System and trolling motor to navigate lakes automatically; Includes Humminbird LakeMaster AutoChart Pro computer software and Zero Line SD card. For fast and easy custom maps. Order yours today! Humminbird LakeMaster AutoChart PC Pro Software with Zero Line SD Card