Jackall Dowzswimmer 220SF

SKU: 162619
The product of Jackall’s advanced engineering, the Jackall Dowzswimmer 220SF Swimbait delivers a versatile presentation that makes it a must-have for big bait enthusiasts and tournament anglers alike. Designed with a precisely tuned, double jointed construction, the Jackall Dowzswimmer 220SF Swimbait utilizes a loose front joint and a tight rear joint to provide a meandering S-shape action with a slower, more deliberate retrieve. With a sharp twitch, the Jackall Dowzswimmer 220SF Swimbait generates an abrupt darting action that dares big bass to bite. 

Unlike traditional glide baits that have a tendency wash out with a fast retrieve, the Jackall Dowzswimmer 220SF Swimbait’s innovative construction allows anglers to effectively fish it at high speeds to trigger a more reaction driven bite. Out of the box, the Jackall Dowzswimmer 220SF Swimbait provides a slow floating action, but a small hanger underneath the lip allows the rate of fall to be altered with the addition of a weight. Offered in a range of incredibly lifelike finishes, the Jackall Dowzswimmer 220SF Swimbaits provide a versatile design that gives anglers the freedom to adjust retrieve speed and rate of fall to best suit the mood of big bass.