Jackall Chubble 80SR

SKU: 171303
perfect tournament-sized crankbait, the Jackall Chubble Crankbait is a revolutionary minnow-shaped crankbait that delivers the effectiveness of several different crankbaits in one. Featuring an elongated body that produces a very natural swimming action and baitfish flash, the Jackall Chubble Crankbait is equipped with a special magnetic weight transfer system, which creates incredibly long casts and keeps the lure perfectly balanced and running true, even during fast retrieves. Its high buoyancy and squarebill design also provide exceptional deflection capabilities similar to a balsa wood crankbait but with far better durability. Another key detail of the Jackall Chubble Crankbait is an innovative front hook bumper that helps maintain stability by keeping the hook true and preventing interference with the internal magnet.