Hirsch Ghosttail 3 - 300

SKU: 17449
Ghosttail III is a weighted deep-running bucktail which imitates a panfish in distress.
• All Ghosttail III series bucktails come with a #7 Fluted Blade
• Weight - 2 oz.
• Length - 7½"
Fishing the Ghosttail III
Ghosttail "Pan" is a weighted buck tail which imitates in most lakes, the predominant food source pan fish (crappie and bluegill). Fish it from 2 to 10 feet. Adjust your speed of retrieve to the depth you are fishing.
Deeper - slower and shallower-faster. Its flashy look stimulates a pan fish in distress. Use it around fallen trees, cribs, isolated weed points, weed beds and wherever pan fish hold. Muskies and Northerns many times will suspend around these areas where the abundant food source is.