Hirsch Ghosttail 1 - 100

SKU: 9515215
Ghosttail I is a shallow running bucktail that is evenly balanced and easy to cast. It is slim and thin, but it is not scraggly as it is tied full and thick with a combination of squirrel and deer hair. The mottling affect of the squirrel hair give off a very natural barred baitfish illusion. The #8 Colorado blade provides a lot of lift and makes it a favorite amongst flowage fishermen. It also allows everything from high-speed bulging applications all the way down to ultra-slow fluttery presentations. Equipped with 2/0 and 3/0 short shanked round bend trebles, it bites hard and does not let go! Like all Ghosttails, they spin first time--every time!
1 oz. 8"