Clam Half Ant Drop



Bottom half of tungsten, top half a secret formula securing a Swarovski® Gem. It’s like a disco ball, reflecting and refracting light at every angle, a faceted flasher suggesting an oversized prey fish eye. Slow dropping, teasing presentation for pressured fish, post-frontal conditions, lethargic sniffers. Hugs the strike zone with subtle movements. Hates it when fish get slime all over its precious Gem. Oh well…
Made From Tungsten, 30% Heavier Than Lead

Weight: 1/32oz
Hook Size: 10

Colors: Red/White/Chart, Red/White/Green, White/Chart/Chart, White/Red/Red, Chart/Red/Red, White/green/green
Species: Crappie, Perch, Bluegill, Small Trout
Bait with: Maki Plastics, Euro larvae, Waxis, Spikes
Made From Tungsten
30% Heavier Than Lead