Frabill Calibrator Line Counting Tip-Up


SKU: 101546

Merging function with critical fish catching data, the Frabill Calibrator Line Counter Tip-Up provides multiple statistical elements and extraordinary performance, forever elevating the game of setting traps on ice. The Calibrator sports a digital LCD revealing the set depth of your bait, time of bite, time since bite, and the amount of line taken by the biting fish - all critical nuggets of knowledge. More than a pretty face with a brain, the Calibrator has been built on Frabill's tough tip-up foundation for knowledge-giving traits and extraordinary performance. Additional features include: Removable display module for storage, Heavy duty tip-up base, Ultra Glide spool shaft system for smooth frictionless free spool performance, Dual trip settings: light for walleye or heavy for larger baits and game fish, and a Removable spool shaft for easy cleaning and lubricating.