Flymen Gamechanger Popper


Flymen Gamechanger Popper

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Size:Medium 1/0
Pickup available at Thorne Bros - 10091 Central Ave. - PH# 763.572.3782 Usually ready in 24 hours

Flymen Gamechanger Popper

Medium 1/0 / White

Thorne Bros - 10091 Central Ave. - PH# 763.572.3782

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

10091 Central Ave NE
Blaine MN 55434
United States


Take topwater fly fishing to the next level! 

A highly articulated Game Changer minnow body combined with a Howitzer Baitfish Head to create a highly visible & effective topwater fly. 

The Game Changer Popper is designed to imitate a baitfish on the surface with its body and tail hanging enticingly down in the water column. Never has there been a popper with this much built in movement and ability to land fish. 

Ideal for targeting the full range of predatory freshwater and saltwater gamefish fish species that feed on the surface, such as Smallmouth, Largemouth and Striped bass, Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Giant Trevalley (GT’s), Peacock Bass and Pike to name just a few. 

Trigger loud pops and splashes
The deep cup of the Surface Seducer® Howitzer popper head allows for powerful popping action… And strikes! Boom!

Lifelike swimming action
Due to the realistic, natural movement created by the Next Generation Shank system you will find that in pauses between strips the body and tail will continue to move and articulate in the current. This provides high visibility from a distance underwater for predatory gamefish that prefer to hunt wounded prey.

Sizes and Hooks to land the biggest of fish
Tied on proven Gamakatsu SL12S hooks and available in various sizes, the Game Changer Popper is suitable for all fishing environments and ready to land the biggest and baddest fish on the planet!

Color: White (with yellow head)

SMALL Size has a #2 hook and 3"(8cm) length

MEDIUM Size has a 1/0 hook and 4"(10cm) length  

LARGE Size has a 6/0 hook and 6"(15cm) length